Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A little scared

So this is it after about a year of reading every kind of blog out there and loving all of them I've decided to start my own. A place for me to come to share about everything I love, food, family, faith, exercise, and anything pretty. My sweet husband has said blogs are a online journal of sorts and when I was in high school I had to write in my journal everyday it was so relieving to put my thoughts on paper I loved to read and write then, now on the other hand my life has gotten really busy and both of those things have gone to the bottom of the list. So back to somewhere in the middle they go. I'm a terrible speller, hate gramer and have the attention span of a three year old so one day if anyone becomes a "follower" they will have to put up with me and my little quirks, as annoying as that can be for some.
Today the weather is gloomy and gray but I feel very blessed by the sound of happy children playing nicely(for the moment),the heater blowing hot comforting air, AND of course coffee. I never grew up drinking it my mother didn't consume the dark delicious stuff that I'm so addicted to, but over the course of having four children I've become a HUGE fan. Really how does one live when there is another snow day and the kids are sick of being home? a cup of coffee and I'm ready to go on to face another load of laundry or break up a fight over wether the clone trooper is batman or darth vader.....

See what I mean? My brain is a little random!

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  1. I LOVE it! And I love you! You inspire me, pretty lady. xoxo